Award-Winning Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Design Services

brooksBerry & Associates offers design services and custom cabinetry for a wide range of projects including remodels, renovations, room additions, and new homes.  Our experienced kitchen and bath designers are proud to have licenses and degrees that push them to the top of the kitchen design industry. When you commission a custom kitchen or bath project with the professionals at brooksBerry, you can rest assured knowing you will get the best luxury kitchen and bath design in St. Louis, MO. Using a team approach, we work together and with our clients closely on projects to ensure conception and successful completion.  After getting to know our clients’ needs, goals, budget and expectations, we develop several concepts for a space.  We use hand-drafted and computer-aided drawings, along with an extensive interview process, to create a unique client-involved design that includes a firm price proposal and highly-detailed plans.

How To Start Your Custom Kitchen Or Bath Project

We suggest an initial showroom visit to see the quality and diversity of materials in complete room vignettes designed and built by brooksBerry. This will give you a sampling of our design repertoire, as well as the high level of craftsmanship we offer.  If you have plans created by a professional, we can provide you with a complimentary quote. If you are considering a remodel, we would love to share our Project Photo Books with you in the showroom. We happily discuss with any potential client how we worked with previous clients’ challenges, budgets and discuss how their goals were accomplished. We can also answer questions about how we may help you with your custom kitchen and bath project.

Our Custom Kitchen and Bath Design Process

We use an in-depth approach that includes a site visit, space measurements, and a project programming survey to collect your requirements, goals, desires, and inspirations to delivery award-winning custom kitchen and bath design in St. Louis, MO.  Using this information, we create plans and sketches of options for your custom kitchen, custom cabinetry, or bath that you can review.  The plans and material selections are further refined based on your feedback to provide you with a firm proposal for your approval.

In order to begin the design phase, we require a design deposit which is applied as a credit to the overall project purchase.

Please note that due to the highly specialized nature of creating a custom kitchen cabinet design the design deposit does not purchase the plans or drawings created during the design phase.  The plans and drawings may be purchased for an additional fee based on the work performed during the design phase.

How Long Your Custom Kitchen and Bath Project Will Take

We suggest allowing a minimum of two meetings spaced two weeks apart to complete the design stage and provide you with a firm proposal.  Once everything has been ordered, allow eight to ten weeks for the custom materials to arrive at our warehouse before installation begins. Having all of the materials on hand ahead of time helps avoid construction delays and keep custom kitchen and bath projects on schedule.  Depending on the scope of work, construction times vary from a month for minor work to several months for larger projects.

Areas Served

Our expert design team proudly serves all areas in St. Louis, Frontenac, Ladue, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Town and Country, Warson Woods, Huntleigh, and surrounding areas.

For any questions on beginning your custom kitchen projects, please give us a call today at 314.872.7720 or email us at