French stoves fit all styles

We just love the charm of La Cornue's custom Chateau as well as their stock Cornue Fe' ranges that come in a nice selection of enamel colors and metal accents (starting at about $ 6,800.)          

For traditionally inspired designs, like our kitchen that appeared on the cover of St. Louis Home & Lifestyles magazine after winning the Kitchen of the Year contest, to the minimalist kitchen shown below with a contemporary feeling; French stoves look great everywhere! 

 I snapped this of a La Cornue island with custom dyed leather wrapped edge rail to match the blue enamel of the stove all the way around on a trip to the factory outside of Paris last year.  Talk about a focal point!

 A pair of brushed copper La Cornue Chateau ranges with brass trim were being packed to ship to a New York customer.  The 'twins' were built as mirrored images of each other with little oven control door beside the ovens on opposite sides. We stopped the packers long enough to capture their unique beauty before they were tucked into their custom built shipping crates for the journey. This is the "right" side range.