Kitchen by Meals

We've used almost everything for kitchen design inspiration: funky stools, favorite resorts, a pottery collection, views, children's needs, wheelchair accessability and now meals!  The idea developed out of conversations with our client with a very large kitchen about how many miles a day she put in running back and forth around her kitchen.  Because of allergies, she makes everything from scratch so the stock 'kitchen work triangle' wasn't working for her. So here's what evolved; a kitchen planned around the needs of breakfast, lunch and dinner with 'coctails' and 'dessert' thrown in, because who wants to short coctails and dessert? The kitchen is featured this month in St.Louis At Home magazine in Anatomy of a Kitchen. See the attached link.  Oh, and by the way, they got the source for the wall shelves wrong- they're from Restoration Hardware as well as the pendant lights.  The faucets are from Newport Brass. And, because we're always asked, the granite is called "Delicatus Extra".
The image below was taken looking through the new arched opening to the living room.
The photo below shows how we wedged the archway in under the staircase. That took some serious work to make it look so effortless.  (PS: The client is an engineer).

Here's the link to the magazine article: